How to add simple curb appeal to your home for less than you think

Curb appeal is important for any house. Naturally, if you're trying to sell your house, you want to draw positive attention to it. However, even if you're in your forever home, you want neighbors and passersby to enjoy the aesthetics of your house.
One way to add curb appeal is with your front gate. The right gate can serve as the literal gateway to your front yard or driveway. So, consider letting the gate help define your home's natural character.
Choose a Creative Gate

Fencing itself tends to be pretty utilitarian. Naturally, the gate has its purpose, too. However, manufacturers have come up with some unique designs. What's more, you can custom-order your gate.
For example, if you have a privacy fence, and you're looking at a gate to the backyard, you could have a sheet of metal diamond-cut to your specifications. A wooden or mixed material gate is even easier to custom-order. Conversely, if you're choosing a wrought iron gate for your driveway, you can customize several aspects, such as the finials and inclusion of medallions.
Pick an Architectural Style

If you're going to go the custom-gate option, consider incorporating it into a specific architectural style. For example, if you have a modern house, you'll want a front gate that matches. You can get even more specific. For example, wrought iron and stone are popular for Mediterranean architecture. You could incorporate those materials into an Italian-style driveway gate.
So, going deeper into that idea, start with a wrought iron driveway gate. You might stick with the classic black, but deep copper echoes the terracotta common in Italian style. Tile and stone are common accents, so you can flank the gate with gateposts finished in a veneer of one of those materials. Consider looking at reference pictures for inspiration.
Add an Arbor

A common way for adding curb appeal to a gate leading to the front yard is by topping it with an arbor. The arbor draws the eye up - and, of course, draws attention to your entryway.
Arbors come in many materials and styles. You'll want to match both to your gate. For example, designers often add a touch of Asian-inspired flair by incorporating a wooden arbor with a pagoda top for a wooden gate. This installation is beautiful for a wooden privacy fence.

Change the Proportions
Another method of drawing the eye to your gateway is by changing the proportions of the existing components. For example, you don't have to add an arbor to draw the eye up. Instead, you could choose a gate that's taller than the gateposts. Gates don't usually stretch up much past the gateposts, so such a configuration makes your entryway a design focal point.
This idea doesn't work as well for driveway gates because those heights are standard for mobility purposes. However, you can play with the proportion of the apron to the gateway. You might extend the driveway apron so that it's wider than usual and seems to funnel cars to your gate. In that way, you still draw attention to the entryway.

Play with Color
Another design element that can give curb appeal to your front gate is color. Indeed, with most gate materials, you have a wide range of color options.
Wood is the easiest because you can paint the gate yourself. Look for a color that will stand out from your landscaping. For instance, if you have a lot of yellow or yellow undertones in your landscaping, consider some version of purple.
Wrought iron can be fun. In addition to traditional black and metal hues, the gate can be powder-coated with almost any color. Indeed, if you have a custom driveway gate, you can have the manufacturers pick out different aspects of the design in creative colors.
Make your entryway a design focal point with your choice in gate and posts. Consult with us at Variety Fence for more options.