Variety Fence did an awesome job on a custom design fence for us. We highly recommend their services without reservation. Variety Fence also completed the project ahead of schedule. If you are interested in any type of custom fencing, Variety Fence is the company to call!

Frank K. 7/13/2020


We got estimates from 4 different fence companies and Variety was the lowest. I do not usually go with the lowest or the highest bid but I was impressed with Bill Ballard's demeanor. I am glad we chose Variety. They did a great job of installing a quality fence.

Ron S. 6/30/2020


Would highly recommend Variety Fence to any one looking to replace an old fence. The crew removed our old wood fence & installed new vinyl fence that looks amazing! Very pleased with the professionalism of this company.

Jean R. 6/18/2020


I use variety fencing for all of my projects! They are punctual, dependable and honest! I will not use any other fence company! Vivian keeps me up to date on installation scheduling and timing. Thank you for everything!!...
• Category: Fencing
• Services Performed: Yes
• Cost: $1500

10/28/2019 - Terina Redden

* * * * *

Fence was completed in 2 to 3 hours just 2 days after accepting the estimate proposal. They even added the finishing touch of putting caps on the end posts.

6/17/2017 - Joe Turner

* * * * *

Bill and his variety Fence team did a great job! They were not the cheapest but were very reasonable. The installers were prompt and did a quick and clean job! I would highly recommend them for your next fence job. I will be calling them again soon for another job!!

Tim F. 6/20/17

* * * * *

Bill Ballard and his capable crew just completed approximately $25,000 of fences in our subdivision, Tanglewood Homes. It was a difficult job due to the landscape and the fact that it was selected fence sections and not an entire straight-line fence. They did an outstanding job, methodically identifying, measuring, constructing and installing these fences for a reasonable price. Our Association will not hesitate to use them in the future and highly recommends them to anyone considering a fence installation.

Donna L. 1/20/17

* * * * *

I want to thank you for the makeover my lawn received with the new fence your company provided. I was greatly happy and impressed with the way you expedited my order. The professional workmen were very cordial, showed enthusiasm and confidence for the job they were performing. I am very happy and will not hesitate recommending Variety Fence.

L. Lee 10/5/16

* * * * *

These guys are awesome!!

We have many rental houses. Bill & the crew have worked on both my rental homes and my personal house as well. They have put vinyl privacy, wrought iron and wood fences in for me . All have been done in a professional and timely manner. Fence is straight level and plum. They get in , get the work done and leave the area clean and clear of debris. Competitively priced. I would highly recommend them.

Donna T. 10/1/16

* * * * *

Bill and his Crew was Great to work with, making sure that my fence was installed to my satisfaction.

I was very pleased with the workmanship of the men that installed my fence. The fence turned out great and I am hoping to enjoy it for many years.
I highly recommend Variety Fence. Thanks to all of you for such a pleasant experience,

Pam S. 9/30/16

* * * * *

We love our fence! Thank you Variety Fence! There were some fence pieces that were damaged, and once notified Bill and his team, they replaced the cracked piece. The only bad thing that happened was our cable/internet line got cut and was told that this is a common issue. They did tried their best to get Frontier out to have it fix. Frontier was another issue entirely. Other than that, we are pretty satisfied with the work overall. Thank you!

Lia Y. 7/22/16

I have used Variety Fence for several projects at our condominium complex. Previously we had ongoing problems with our electric security gate that another company was unable to repair. Bill was able to diagnose the problem and come up with a solution that fixed the problem once and for all. Since then Variety Fence has also replaced several fences and repaired others on the property. They have always been honest, responsive and provided quality work for a reasonable price that was never more than their estimate. I give them my highest recommendation.

Gy Y. 6/29/16

Holmes Beach, FL

Bill & crew did a great job fixing our front fence and back fence boards painting. Competitive, responsive and well done. I will use their services in the future!

Maurice C. 6/28/16

Best Fencing Company I know

This company did our entire yard with fencing we bought elsewhere and did a great job. We bought a foreclosed home that had a lot of old tree stumps and yard trash to work through as they put up our fence. We had to have it done in a hurry as we had 6 mini dogs and the neighbors all around had mastifs. The dogs wanted to play together, but of course they couldnt. Way too much size difference. It would have been an accident waiting to happen. The mini dogs kept getting under the chain link. We ran into water line problems we couldnt forsee and they were so gracious even when a neighbor was obnoxious. They helped the nieghbor out and all was calm. What a great team this group was. I would hire them over and over. If I get into buying more foreclosures I would hire no one but Bill and his crew for my fencing needs. D. Kim Sayre-Arnold PS - I plan to put some photos on here of the work they did once my landscaping is complete.

D Kim S. 2/17/16

* * * * *


The owner and the installers were very professional and accommodating to my meticulous wants. The work was excellent more than my mind could see. I would and will recommend Variety Fence to anyone who is in need of fencing. Sadie

Sadie H. 2/5/16

* * * * *

Very pleased

This company came in and did a job for us that no other fence company would take, they did and excellent job and gave us a beautiful custom wood fence, and to my surprise finished the job in 2 short days. We highly recommend variety fence to anyone looking for quality work.

Lee c. 1/8/16

* * * * *

great work

This is a professional fence company that does high quality work, they aim to please the customer and when they are done you are left with a fence perfectly installed . The installers are very respectful to the customer and property.

Delaney c. 1/8/16

* * * * *

Installed swinging gates

I am so pleased with the professionalism and efficiency of this company's work. They receive installed electronic swinging gates in my driveway leading to my carport. The gates work beautifully! The price was good, too. I highly recommend this company. Call and get a quote.

Marilyn J. 9/15/15

* * * * *

PVC fence

Bill came to give me an estimate. He impressed me by being prompt and very professional. The installation was quick and my new fence looks awesome. I can recommend this company to anyone looking to install a new fence.

Heide M. 4/13/15

* * * * *

Wonderful to deal with

Their service was prompt, accurately estimated, and completed in a timely manner. Billy does a great job. I would highly recommend him and his company.

Jeff G. 4/3/15

* * * * *

347 Pearl Sarasota

This company did a superb job on our fencing for our new home. Drive by any time and see what a beautiful job these excellent fencing people did to enhance our property and help us keep our 5 mini dogs in the yard. They had this 4,000+ Sq ft yard done and cleaned up in just a few days. Justin and Dennis are great contractors. I want to add pics but don't see where.

D Kim S. 3/8/15

* * * * *

PVC and wood fence

Bill is a great guy he backs his name with good quality work. He uses only the best material at an affordable price. Great customer service too. What else do you need..... I definitely recommend Variety Fence!!!

John S. 3/5/15

* * * * *

Mike M., Sarasota

Variety fence was prompt and professional in quoting and installing my vinyl fence. Would strongly recommend them for your
fencing needs. great price as well. My neighbors are already asking who did your fence so fast and stating it looks great. now
they do not have to see the junk I have on the side yard.

Mike M. 11/19/21

* * * * *

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